I think of people very much how I think of plants;
With strong roots, the right environment & the correct conditions- people flourish.

I’m a fully-qualified, Humanistic Therapist & a Certified Life Coach, grounded by an holistic approach to Wellbeing.
I try to live my life as toxic-free as possible; from the food that I eat, to the company I keep!
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1st BA (hons) Humanistic Counselling
Postgrad Psychology
Certified Life Coach
CPD Mindfulness
Association for Coaching & BACP Membership

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“We got to work on creating a sustainable healthy eating life style with some tasty recipes and cooking instructions. While simultaneously being sent daily mindfulness activities via email. They were motivational, thought provoking,  personalised non-generic exercises...
I’ve kept all of the 21 daily emails as they are usable in future to simply start over. I plan on keeping to my new healthy eating lifestyle but if I do slip from it say from after a holiday or Christmas I’ve got everything there to start over and re do the 21 course of mindfulness and healthy eating I did. 
Overall the coaching has improved my confidence particularly around cooking. Physical health has improved. It has also measurably improved my wellbeing. I highly recommend Danialaina as a wellbeing coach whatever your goal may be. “