I think of people very much how I think of plants;
With strong roots, the right environment & the correct conditions- people flourish.

I’m a fully-qualified, Humanistic Therapist & a Certified Life Coach, grounded by an Holistic approach to Wellbeing. .
I try to live my life as toxic-free as possible; from the food that I eat, to the company I keep!
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1st BA (hons) Humanistic Counselling
Postgrad Psychology
Certified Life Coach
Trained Mindfulness Coach
Registered BACP Member

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Over the last year I have had some serious issues that I have had to overcome. With help from Dani I have overcome these issues. She has offered excellent techniques, warmth, she has been there throughout the year offering advice and always felt more than just a Wellbeing Coach.
Thanks Dani.


Mindfulness is something we don’t have enough of in this world- be mindful of yourself and of the people around you.
I was feeling bogged down but Dani awakened that inner-person that needed tailored nourishment of mind and soul- for that I will be forever grateful and recommend her with passion