Negative Self Talk!

A Negative mind will never give you a Positive life!

So what is “Self-Talk”?

Self-Talk is that little internal voice that you use to evaluate and process Life.

Its the dialogue you have with yourself in the shower, whilst you’re driving & generally helps you to make pretty much, all of your decisions.

Considering that this “voice” will stay with you, your entire  life, you can appreciate why it’s important that we make sure that it’s good company to be with.

Negative Self-Talk has limiting beliefs, which affect the way that we assess and respond to Life.
Negative Self-Talk dictates to you what you “should” & “shouldn’t” wear; what you “will” & “won’t” achieve; and what you “can” & “can’t” do.

Negative Self-Talk wants you to stay in the comfort zone, because it doesn’t belief that you’re capable of better.

When negative Self-Talk goes on for long periods of time, we create ingrained patterns of behaviour which are difficult to break.

Coaching helps break these cycles by teaching you how to turn that inner-voice into your very own Inner-Coach!

Published by Danialaina

Grounded in a Holistic approach to Health

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