Limiting Beliefs

These are the niggles that cause low self-confidence, dominate our life story and crop up in every direction.
They’re the anchors that we tirelessly carry around and that hold us back in life.
These are the reason you feel stuck.
They work deep in the Psyche and are the consequence of internalised experiences and events that have created fear and insecurity.

The biggest problem with limiting beliefs is that they’re well hidden and we tend to attract experiences that reinforce them. Kind of like the “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”

We often blame others, our circumstances, luck or relationships for the events in our lives.
Whilst, yes, these things do contribute to the existence of Limiting Beliefs, it’s important for us to take responsibility for our choices, thoughts and actions.

Being accountable for your Self, is essential to developing Self-Efficacy 

We must recognise that we have
Choice and Free-Will!

According to the Happiness Pie, only 10% of our Happiness is dependent on our circumstances and a whopping 40% of it all banks on the choices we make.

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Grounded in a Holistic approach to Health

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