Personal Values

So, what are Personal Values?

Values are an integral part of who we are.
They’re our subjective beliefs about how we should operate in the world and provide the bearings for a strong internal compass.

They’re the blueprints for our decision-making and inform us of what we like & dislike; what is & isn’t acceptable and what we judge as right & wrong.
Our values begin to develop out of our personal experiences and as we get older, are shaped by our culture’s shared understanding about important standards¬†and principles of behaviour.

Personal values are at the core of our individual needs, desires, passions and standards for living. They act as the building blocks for our identities.

We often find ourselves chasing dreams that we never really had; we pursue goals that’ll make our parents proud, strive to rise to all the “adulting” bench-marks & adapt traits that are agreeable with society’s values.
When we act or accept behaviours that don’t agree or “align” with our values, this compromises our sense of Self-Worth.

With the external boom of “should’s & ought’s” consuming our attention and time, we neglect the things that are important to us.
These are the parts of ourselves that we lose touch with and when starved of attention, brings about feelings of fulfilment.

Coaching brings your Personal Values to the forefront & supports you in finding ways to build a Life that fulfils these individual needs.
Book a free consultation to find out what Coaching can do for you.

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