My Journey to Wellbeing

10 Years in the Making…

It was 10 years ago that I started my Wellbeing Journey when at 23, I stumbled onto a Humanistic Counselling Degree at The University of Nottingham… and when I say stumbled, I mean quite literally stumbled onto the course.
As the Photo on the Left suggests, I was a mess.

I went into my counselling degree, thinking it’d be a nice little walk through the park.
I couldn’t have been more wrong.
The first year broke me to the point of deferral.
Up until this point in my life, for one reason & another, I’d been living behind a fortress of coping mechanisms.
But within that fortress lay a pretty broken & vulnerable child.
Therapy, theory & process groups taught me how to forgive & accept.
I became empowered by the realisation that ultimately, it’s down to my decisions, not my conditions that will determine which outcomes I get from Life.

Really, these years have been about finding a balance in life, the restructure of my attachment style & growing towards being the most authentic Self that I can be.

I’ve made some good decisions which were liberating; and I made bad ones, guided by hedonism. But what I learnt from every decision that was mine to make is this;
Good decisions brought about new experiences, and Good-experience was gained from the bad ones.

What i’ve learnt about Growth is that;

It takes conscious application of healthier habits.
Whether it’s the type of thoughts, foods or behaviours that are holing you back from your growth point- it’s about being aware of how much control you do have over your life.

40% of our happiness is determined by the choices we make, so you wanna make sure that you’re making decisions that support what is good for you & your Wellbeing.

My Wellbeing Journey means dedicating time to “me maintenance”- that is, being mindful to take the time to nurture my needs & make choices that support my Overall Wellbeing.
If you Follow my stories on Instagram, you’ll see that as well as my fitness, I’m mindful about the company I keep; the quality of thoughts that I think; & the foods that I eat, as this stuff is all important Life fuel too!

We have a great way of blaming or scapegoating our responsibility for our mental attitude and/or our lack of prosperity on to our circumstances. But that will keep you going round in circles.
We have to take responsibility for the life that we have, because life really is just a result of the choices we make.

Einstein said that the definition of insanity was to keep repeating the same behaviour and expecting different results- If you’re stuck in a rut and you just keep doing the same rounds of the same grounds, slowly but surely, you’re going to lose the plot.

Everything that you do is a choice. Even if it is to just get up and do the same old laps, day in, day out..

If you’d like to talk about your Choices or Wellbeing needs, drop me a message here!

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