Growing in the Dark…

Shmoo and I planted cress seeds today and it got me thinking about a science experiment we did at school to test how well plants grow in different environments.
And i found myself being mindful about what happened to the little plant we put in the dark.

With so many of us feeling like that little plant in the dark, I thought it was important to remember that; Plant’s that grow in the dark still grow.

The Experiment:
For the seeds to sprout and grow into a green & healthy plant, there are a few basic things it needs;

  • Cress Seeds
  • Water
  • Cotton Wool
  • Tissue Paper
  • Sunlight
  • Pot to Grow in (We used an old yogurt pot)

Growing in the Dark.

I got to thinking how alike human growth is to that of a Plant.
We, like the plant, need several basic conditions to grow.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs reminds me of the fortunate conditions I shall be isolated in.

An economy that meets my basic physiological needs, the safety of my home & the security of the family that I love & belong to. A time where creative expression is welcomed & valued.
But with more and more restrictions being imposed, I’m mindful that gratitude for these basic things is now the light I grow towards.

So what happens to the plant growing in the dark?

The seeds in the dark sprout quicker and although the plant appears slender & pale, they grow taller than the other plants. But if you place that plant back on the windowsill, it will become stronger and healthier than ever.

The plant’s instinct to survive makes it resourceful.
It grows thinner, so that it may stretch further and just a glimmer of light is all that it needs to keep striving forward.

This nature lives within us too.

These may seem like dark times, but a lot of positive growth can come from this.
This is the time to experience a slower pace of life and a less materialistic existence.
A Time to accelerate Personal Growth.
Use this time to re-connect with your roots, tend to the environment that you grow in and to reach out and expose yourself to as much light as possible.

Ironically, we’ve never been more connected than we are right now and the online world is a beautiful place to be at the moment.
These are Serendipitous times.
For the first time ever, we’re being encouraged not to buy things and instead, Life has become a transaction of Skills and Strengths.
How wonderful it is to be surrounded by so many valuable people.

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