Coping with Corona

It’s now day 8 of Lockdown after the school closures and I’ve finally found an hour for writing, so I wanted to share what I’ve noticed about isolation in the Huntano Household.
As individuals, we’re a pretty introverted family so social-distancing hasn’t been too much of an adjustment for us… but the proximity between us has been an issue at time.
So after a week of confinement with my family- here’s what I’ve learnt…

Extroverts and introverts alike, none of us are Ok in confinement.
Whilst extroverts are feeling like their wings have been clipped, us introverts are suffocating under the overwhelm of a full house.

My partner and I aren’t used to the constant compromise of someone else in our space.
Until recently, we’ve worked opposite schedules so become quite accustomed to solitary space & 1:1 time with our daughter.
The sustained stimulation has been tough for me. Everyday has felt busy.
At times, the inside of my head has looked like the frozen desktop of an old PC, trying to load a hundred different windows at once but with nothing much happening.
… I can relate to that struggling, static sound that computers make when they’re overloaded with commands.

There’s always something going on!

The other half doing things, my daughter’s demand to do things, the noisy neighbour doing things… getting headspace has been hard and this has really reflected as a lack of creativity over this last week.

I always thought I appreciated my “alone time”, but I’ve never appreciated how fortunate I’ve been to have had the freedom to choose to be alone.
Limiting travel means being mindful that jumping in my car to escape for an hour is a luxury, not a necessity.
…And getting out for a run has become a treat, rather than a chore.
The serendipity of all this is that I’ve found a new layer of respect for those moments that i do get to spend by myself, nurturing my introversion.

How much of my time do I really give to my family?
Often on a Sunday, we (& the extended family) will pile into my Parent’s house on a Sunday to kick-back, eat and spend time together.

The kids run havoc, whilst I, my brothers & our partners cast off our “adult hats” and hand over the reins to our Parents.
But how much communicating do we actually do?

Not much really… sure, we’re together, we exchange words and it’s a nice vibe, but really, we spend this time just disengaging from our responsibilities for a few hours.
Don’t get me wrong, the weekly winddown is good for my soul. But I’ve found myself wondering how much of this time “together” I actually give to my family?

Reflecting on this last week, when we’ve pick up the phone, we’ve done so with intention- to be in communication.
With a genuine enquiry… “How are you?”, rather than the unspoken “what can you do for me today”.
In the 30mins-1hr conversations I’ve had with the special people in my life, we’ve gifted each other authentically, with our presence & attention.

This virus sure has turned everything on its axis, hasn’t it?
Drop me your thoughts on this week below!
I’ve opened up a few extra slots in my week for single sessions and I’m able to offer reduced rates to those on low income.
If you’re struggling with the dynamics of isolation or experiencing increased anxiety, contact me here to book in for a chat.

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