About Dani…

The Labels I Wear ;

Im an experienced & registered coach & psycho-educator;
Member of the BACP;
Mum to one & in a rekindled relationship with her Dad.
Sister to two brothers, Daughter to two parents.

My Quirks

Leaning towards more introverted tendencies, I require daily “Me Maintenance”.
This is basically time that I spend on my own, doing what’s good for my soul.
That’s usually doodling, journaling, introspection, workouts, having a coffee somewhere peaceful, singing in my car or reading up on something that’s sparked my interest.

My main interests are in Metacognition, Psychotherapy, Child Development, Zine Designing & Cooking up deliciously nutritious concoctions!

I reeeeally dislike hangovers.
I Love stationary. Buying new stationary is good for my soul!

My Work;

I work both face to face & online, helping others to overcome Limiting Beliefs & create Healthy Habits.

As a Wellbeing Coach, I work with a solution-focused approach, to guide clients towards a more fulfilled Life.
Grounded by a humanistic philosophy, I follow a person-centred discipline, trusting in the “actualising tendency” and each person’s potential for positive growth.
My coaching uses a range of mindful & psychological exercises to facilitate Self-Understanding & Personal Growth.

To get you started on your Journey, I’ll equipped you with your Wellbeing Kit!
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