Coping with Corona

It’s now day 8 of Lockdown after the school closures and I've finally found an hour for writing, so I wanted to share what I've noticed about isolation in the Huntano Household.As individuals, we’re a pretty introverted family so social-distancing hasn’t been too much of an adjustment for us... but the proximity between us has… Continue reading Coping with Corona

Home Schooling: 6 tips for a calmer Work/Life Balance.

What a crazy week it's been.. I feel like i've been windswept trough it all & then dropped off well outside of my comfort zone. There's been a lot of changes & adjustments going on & with the added task of home schooling, the weight of responsibility is feeling pretty heavy right about now.Although I've… Continue reading Home Schooling: 6 tips for a calmer Work/Life Balance.

Limiting Beliefs

These are the niggles that cause low self-confidence, dominate our life story and crop up in every direction. They're the anchors that we tirelessly carry around and that hold us back in life. These are the reason you feel stuck. They work deep in the Psyche and are the consequence of internalised experiences and events that… Continue reading Limiting Beliefs