Limiting Beliefs

These are the niggles that cause low self-confidence, dominate our life story and crop up in every direction. They're the anchors that we tirelessly carry around and that hold us back in life. These are the reason you feel stuck. They work deep in the Psyche and are the consequence of internalised experiences and events that… Continue reading Limiting Beliefs

Wellbeing & Coaching

Wellbeing is our individual, Subjective experience of life.It’s defined as; “a person’s cognitive, and evaluations of, his or her life” Meaning, that our Wellbeing is directly related to the quality of our thoughts, actions & beliefs.Therefore, Wellbeing is about how we function and  feel in the world and it directly affects our Quality &Experience of Life. Physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and… Continue reading Wellbeing & Coaching