Coaching & Therapy

The remote platform takes away the formalities of an office environment so that the coaching can take place at a time & setting that is best for you.

Single Sessions:

I offer online coaching via Skype, Zoom or via Telephone.
These sessions are perfect for what i like to call “me maintenance”- that is, a Mindful Space where you’re able to consider your own Happiness and Wellbeing needs.

This space is great for brainstorming & exploring options around a particular issue or predicament.
These sessions are popular amongst those looking for a little guidance & direction.
A “pre-coaching interview” is to be completed before the session and payments must be made via PayPal.
Sessions are 50 minutes and are quick to book. Available as singular sessions or as a monthly slots.
Discount available for those on low income.
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Mindfulness Training.

In essence, mindfulness training is a rewiring of the brain, to facilitate emotional regulation and bring awareness to maladaptive habits & patterns of thinking.

This is an 8 week, supported & guided journey into Mindfulness.
You will receive;
The Wellbeing Kit
1:1, Weekly support
Unlimited email access
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The Coaching Package

This is for those looking to nurture their overall Wellbeing.
This package is perfect for getting out of that rut!
The Coaching transforms & reframes areas of Life, whilst developing emotional resilience, motivation & the Inner-Coach!

Take an Holistic look at Your Life with Me, The Wellbeing Coach
You will receive;
The Wellbeing Kit
Set SMART Goals
Supported by the GROW model
3, 6 & 9 month plans
Weekly 1:1
Food or Exercise Plans
Unlimited Email Support
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